OpenERP Installation on WindowsΒΆ

In this chapter, you will see the installation of OpenERP v6.0 on a Windows system. This procedure is well-tested on Windows 7.

You have two options for the installation of OpenERP on a Windows system:

  • All-In-One Installation

    This is the easiest and quickest way to install OpenERP. It installs all components (OpenERP Server, Client, Web and PostgreSQL database) pre-configured on one computer. This installation is recommended if you do not have any major customizations.

  • Independent Installation

    If you choose this mode of installation, all the components required to run OpenERP will have to be downloaded and installed separately. You will have to opt for an independent installation if you plan to install the components on separate machines. This mode is also practical if you are already working with, or plan to use, a different version of PostgreSQL than the one provided with the All-In-One installer.

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